At the heart of Taj Solicitors, our people work tirelessly for our private and corporate clients. It is our vast depth of
knowledge, commitment and tenacity that has made our three offices as successful as it is today.

Our Approach

Taj Solicitors offers a fast, reliable and friendly service that is tailored to suit each client’s particular needs. Everything discussed with us is in total confidence and confidentiality.

We believe in working in partnership with all our clients, taking time to listen, being easily accessible and appreciating the particular needs and issues of each case. In this way, we can give the right advice in order to achieve the best results.

Client Care

Client care is our number one focus at Taj Solicitors. Over 75% of our business is the result of recommendations from previous and current clients, repeat business from those clients, or referrals from our extensive network of professional contacts, including estate agents, accountancy firms and others. We believe that this in itself is demonstration of our first class service, and we would encourage you to visit our testimonials page for further information.

To help ensure that our services is always improved and tailored to meet the changing needs of our clients, we run a rolling programme of client surveys. These are conducted by our business development manager by phone, towards the end or following a transaction. Results are collated on a regular basis and fed back to the solicitors concerned to help improve our service. We believe that this attention to client service is one of the many factors that sets us clearly apart from our competitors and helps our growth.

Our fees

We understand the need for clients to be able to budget for legal fees as they would other costs. We are always totally transparent in our fee and cost schedules and always discuss fees with our clients in advance, so that guidelines can be agreed. In appropriate cases, special billing arrangements may be negotiated.


Confidentiality is paramount for each and every client at Taj Solicitors. We understand the sensitive nature of all the matters we advise on and handle. Everything you say to us and our advice to you will be in total confidence.

Office hours

Our offices are open from 09:00am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday, although we might arrange to meet you at other times by appointment.

Making an appointment

Please telephone, email or visit our reception to book an appointment. At times we can make appointments at short notice. We believe it is important to meet and talk to our clients face to face although, in many cases, much of our work can be completed using telephone, post or email. If you need information about car parking or have special access needs, please tell us when you make your appointment. We can at times visit you at your workplace depending upon your circumstances and magnitude of the situation.

We charge a consultation fee for appointments for new clients.

Community and Corporate Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility seriously and are committed to improving our community. We place a heavy emphasis in all over the offices to recycle and be energy efficient. Our staffs are also involved in local charities to raise money for good causes. In part, this is a natural result of the pride we take in serving the local community by providing first-class, economic legal services for both business and private clients. An important way we fulfil our responsibility is via:

Channel S UK – Law with N Rahman


Channel S is a satellite TV channel for the British Bangladeshi community in the UK and Europe as well as in Bangladesh. Chanel S is a free-view channel in UK on SKY network channel 814.

Taj Uddin Shah, Principal of Taj Solicitor is a regular contributor of the most popular Legal Advice show within the Bangladeshi and Asian community in the UK. The live and interactive ‘Law with N Rahman’ is hosted and produced by our very own senior colleague, Mr Nashit Rahman. It is broadcasted every

Saturday, 12:30pm- 02:00pm and then repeated every Tuesday night. Nashit Rahman is a distinguished Legal Advisor and renowned TV personality. The popular TV show regularly provides viewers with updates of changes in the law and new rules. Viewers can call the live show about their day-to-day legal problems and speak with Nashit Rahman and Taj Shah. Enormous numbers of emails receive every week to Nashit Rahman in anticipation of the next show and Taj Shah and Nashit Rahman scrutinise the emails and provide answers of most common and important questions asked every week.

The show Law with N Rahman, is a common platform for British Bangladeshis to receive free legal advice on air.

Environmental Policy

Taj Solicitors is concerned about the impact our activities have on the environment. Wherever possible, we recycle our office waste, including all waste paper, print cartridges and other recyclables such as bottles and cans, using energy saving lights. In line with advice, we also take a range of basic energy saving measures such as ensuring that office equipment is not left on stand-by and that we minimise water usage.

We are committed to further developing our environmental policy and are currently
investigating a number of initiatives, with help and advice from relevant agencies.

If you Need More Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us at your nearest office for further assistance


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