Immigration, Politics & Rights of the Immigrants in the UK by Taj Uddin Shah, Principal at Offices of Taj Solicitors

The current immigration policy constructed for the immigrants poses a threat to the UK. In recent years the politicians from any major parties have not spoken openly and frankly in relation to huge contributions of the immigrants for the well-being of this country in particular their contributions to certain sectors. Further, the media has taken up the immigration issue in such a manner to create hostility within the general public in particular when politicians tend to exploit this subject as their election campaign tool. In my view the problems within the policy making processes of the government lead to the failure of Point Based System which was introduced by the last labour government, the unworkable and unrealistic slogan of the current conservative government to reduce net migration to reduce net migration to a certain figures and more recently Right to Rent, Right to Medical care which the landlords and doctors declared unworkable, in particular, the Doctors’ opinion envisages that as a medical professional how can they withdraw life threatening treatment, check-up on a heavily pregnant woman as she has no immigration status, a child born with serious medical conditions. How it is balanced with Article 2 of the ECHR and other compassionate consideration in modern UK which suppose to be an example of humanity to others. My heart goes to these clients I see and deal with on a day to day basis. I, of course, support the immigration control but in a fair balance approach, firm way and the context of human rights.

I ask myself a question why much recent legislation, policies are failing. Based on my longstanding experience in this area of law I think lack of experience on the part of the policy makers, lack of consultations with the affected people/organisations and practical difficulties in terms of enforceability of certain areas as explained above. I request all the authority concerned to refrain from panic legislation and policy.

Today the politicians cannot deny many sectors such as farming, building work, catering, NHS is primarily run by immigrants.

A significant proportion of UK’s British passport holders are of immigrants’ background. The UK is their only home. Their right to bring their spouse, children and aged parents has become ever restrictive. Consequently, they feel isolated and discriminated in a country which is their only home.

The Home Office is the controller and the regulating body under the executive power of the government. With regret in recent months all its resources are engaged in less important issues rather than dealing with backlog of cases and appeals. How the regulating figure of the Home Office namely the Home Sectary, Immigration Minister justify current delay of more than 12 months in a simple visa extension applications, more than 12 months for an appeal before a First-tier Tribunal on the ground of lack of enough judiciary. While these applications for a simple visa extension are pending; immigrants lost their employment; cannot switch into another employment and travel. An organ of the Home Office is the Employment Checking Services and I very much regret to see on daily basis they are not aware of or have sufficiently trained personnel as to how the Immigration Rule 3C and 3D works when an application or an appeal is pending. The long sustained suffering of immigrants continues and when they have competent representations on their behalf an apology is offered but for many it is too late. Like this there are many other areas which I can cover with hard documentary evidence of my clients over and above suffering.

It is sometime for the immigrants to endure a life and death situation, it affects particularly to young children who are innocent victim of the circumstances where the policy on ‘’the best interest of the child’’ is legally involved. I request all concerned to the approach the issue of immigration control in a sensible, fair and humane way rather than using this as a tool to achieve political goal, creating an environment of hostility among general public.