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More than a million homes currently lie empty in Britain

Britain is in the grip of a worsening housing divide between those who can afford to leave homes lying empty and those forced to live on top of one another in overcrowded households. For there are more than a million homes lying empty in England and Wales, according to a new study by the Office […]

Updates on how the UK government is helping to address the Syrian refugee situation

In the first 6 months of 2015, more than 220,000 people were detected crossing the Mediterranean to Europe. Many of these are fleeing the conflict in Syria: the conflict has killed over 220,000 and forced more than 11 million to flee their homes.

The UK government is taking part in the UN’s programme to resettle refugees […]

Shocking images show 86 migrants packed inside truck on Austria highway

Shocking pictures show how 86 migrants were found trapped inside an abandoned lorry in temperatures of 95F (35C) in Austria.

The asylum-seekers, from Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, included 16 children, the youngest just five months old, according to local police.

Among them was also an eight-months pregnant woman.

They had been locked inside the windowless back of the […]

Airport retailers must pass on VAT savings, minister says

Airport retailers must cut their prices, ministers have said after it emerged that they are pocketing millions in VAT discounts on duty free items by making passengers show their boarding passes at the checkout.

The vast majority of shops in airports demand that passengers present their boarding cards to be scanned at checkouts before paying for […]