Taj Solicitors was established in the year 2002 by myself working from home before moving to the official premises in June 2003 at 229 East India Dock Road. I now have two branch offices at Cardiff (Est. 2007) and Birmingham (Est. 2017). These three offices enable me to serve clients from all over the UK. Over the past few years it has been an immense challenge for me to run these offices as Supervising Solicitor. I visit my branch offices on a regular basis to keep them under my direct supervision. This challenge has been increased due to my clients’ high demand for me to appear in Court hearings as their advocate, despite the fact that I have a team of dedicated in-house advocates trained by myself to enable them to look after the best interests of my clients throughout their Court proceedings. At times I instruct Barristers from renowned chambers in the UK when I am unable to personally attend court hearings.

I would like to thank all of my clients and community activists for supporting me in this long journey and on my part I would endeavour to provide the best legal service to my clients. In this long sustained process my family members have been contributing immensely towards the unique success of this firm of Solicitors which still remains a Sole Practitioner practice. I am grateful for their understanding, in particular my wife; Mrs Borna Benozir Chowdhury who has been an inspiration for me from the inception of this firm. She has been playing a vital role in the development of this firm as an esteemed colleague for the past five years given that our two children are now school going age.

I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues for their hard work and dedication to this rapidly growing firm. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Shamsher Alam who has been with me since its inception, my Practice Manager, Mr Thoufike Chowdhury, Head of Point-based application and my SKY Channel-814 law programme presenter, Mr Nashit Rahman and finally my senior colleagues Mr Alamgir Bhuiyan and Mr Wahidul Alam Shameem. The key to my success has been through recruiting young and talented law graduates from law schools. I train them in my own way to a high standard and continue to employ them upon completion of their formal training period. As the law continues to change, in particular immigration and family law, I have put in place monthly in-house training sessions for my dedicated team of Barristers and Solicitors.

It has been a success for me since I began this profession nineteen years ago on a part-time basis when I was a student. I am proud to appear as an advocate in a number of successful immigration law cases which are widely used as a guideline and interpretation of law by the lower Courts and immigration law practitioners. If all my clients and colleagues continue to support my ambitions, the journey will not stop. There will be more branch offices in other key towns in the UK. In July 2015, the Head Office in London expanded at 12 Follett Street (the building adjoining to the rear car park). I am proud to say that today the boundary of Taj Solicitors is no longer within the Bangladeshi or Asian community. It is one of the largest and well known firm of Solicitors serving private and corporate clients from all sector of the community.

Taj Uddin Shah

Principal Solicitor

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